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Randomness [14 Aug 2009|11:25am]
I've been spending *way* too much time on Facebook. So, I'm going back to basics, and abstaining from the perennial comment or status message: I'm going back to blogging.  Thanks to the instant gratification of FB, there's been less and less publishing of ideas and insights. Well, that's gotta change.

1. Asa tambayan ako kanina, and I realized that I really missed the time that the first two years of law school gave me. 3rd year is...different. It's crunch time. You've gained this sense of who you are as a law student, and the prestige or 'cool factor' has officially been rendered nugatory. More and more, I've come to terms with my mortality: Avena recitations, Sir Disini dressing downs, and the uncertainty of Succession. The brods were chiding me a while ago about  not being as visible as I was; I don't blame them. I just wish my mortality didn't confront me on such a regular  basis that I could be as reckless as I used to be.

2. Because I in approximately 2 gigabytes of audiocodals in my iPod, when I put it in shuffle mode, I often get a fellow law student reading a provision of the Civil Code or the Rules of Court to me (thanks, Toff Rada). It's pretty annoying, but a minor one at that.

3. In the course of three months, I've effectively lost some 15-20 pounds, thanks to running with my sister, focus interval training and a healthier diet,thanks to my mom's prodding. I intend to lose another 20, and get into shape enough in order to have the moral ascendancy for my intended gradpic which,thankfully, is another year from now: a UFC cage fighter. Magpapabili ako ng Tapout shirt, at hihiramin ko yung gloves ni Gab. Hehe. 

4. I have to learn to stop procrastinating. I'll finish all my work stuff and bar ops stuff by next week. Mark my words. 

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So If Second Year, The "Easy" Year Was This Hard... [02 Apr 2009|09:57am]
Should I start reviewing for Tax, Succession and Nego after the sem ends?

(Delaying tactics in lieu of studying for Dean Leonen's 6 hour-long exam tomorrow. Hachacha.)

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Earth Hour Question [27 Mar 2009|04:00am]
Probably won't be home tomorrow night, still tanung lang: Sa Earth Hour ba, lights lang ba or kahit appliances? Puwede ba ako magcharge ng laptop o ng iPod? Or hugutan talaga ng lahat ng appliances? Tenx in advance!

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In Lieu of A Pic (As Per Her Request...) [17 Mar 2009|05:44am]
Thanks very much to Kim Lato from KIMSTORE for the unbelievably affordable iPod classic! Go to her for all your gadget needs. Everything's brand new, and guaranteed, both literally and figuratively. 
Okay. Off to study Labor and CivPro now. Zeeya!

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Isang Pagpupugay Sa Kampanya at sa Alyansa [25 Feb 2009|01:43pm]
It's been a while since I blogged, what with the hectic schedule of the campaign and all.  Now, everything is finished. And now, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who've been instrumental in my experience the past two weeks. And now that the results are out, I pretty much went through the entire process of losing elections in the span of a couple of hours. So now, it's time to thank the people who made this entire experience worth it. 

First, the Alyansa sa Law people: I'd like to thank Arianne, Sop, Aaron, Ryan, Third, Toff (Rada and Lamug), JV, Viktor, Kring, and all others who were instrumental in helping me out.  I think that no matter what happened, it was great to know that there were people who were willing to bet their good names and reputation on me. Thanks for everything guys. And congratulations to our new LSG President, JV La Chica. I voted for you, and I have no regrets in deciding to run under Alyansa.

Second, my slatemates: Nina, Joseph, Luis, Missy, Pats, Katz, Mario, Marj, Cleo, JB, Mimi and my fellow reps Justin, Lloyd, Yet, Sara, Bam, Sean, Tin, Aubrey, Kris, Bryce, Sweet and Dianne.  We pretty much became like family in the span of two weeks. For that, we have to meet up anew and drink, drink, drink.  Congrats to Katz, Missy, Luis, Mario, Kris, Tin, Aubrey, Bam and Justin who got in. You guys deserve it. 

And to the rest of the Alyansa people: Jeff, Rain, Marian, Will, Von, RB, Vans, and whoever else I may have missed.  No matter what the results were, we were able to push forward with a clean campaign with direction. We definitely had the best candidates among all the other slates, and that is no exaggeration. Special shout outs to Rain and Marian,  For that alone, your devotion is admirable, and may you never tire of everything that you have do for the formation. 

We in Alyansa will continue to work for the beliefs of the party, and we will continue to be visible all throughout the year, like we always have been. And we respect the fact that students of UP Diliman want alternatives that are clear and compelling.That said, rest assured that we will continue to do our best to make a compelling vision for the students. We are glad that the students made their choice, and we respect these choices.  With this USC, it's about appealing to the students and making sure that there is something to appreciate in all parties, platforms and ideas.  At least now, the students have decided that it was not the "Tagumpay" in the recent CRSRS referendum that will compel them to vote; it's something bigger than that. 

Also, Arianne once told me that the students deserve the student leaders that they vote for.  I agree. They have the mandate, and hence, the students deserve concrete services, campaigns and activities.  With that, let's all congratulate all the winners, and hope that we can work together to really serve the students and community of UP. 

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Honest. Principled. Accountable. Critical. This is ALYANSA. LEADERSHIP DEFINED. [15 Feb 2009|12:56pm]

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We are ALYANSA. LEADERSHIP DEFINED. [13 Feb 2009|01:24pm]

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AMPLIFIED SHOUT OUTS! [13 Feb 2009|01:16pm]
BRODS! Ngayon lang ako nakapagpost. Congrats sa'ting lahat! ANG SARAP MAGING MASIG! 

Wala akong pics. Pure sentiment lang.

Ngayon, we live up to the challenge of the post-UP Fair era. At walang JJs na nakakagiba ng gate natin! Di gaya ng ibang night jan! Hehe.

LC, Abe, Gelo, Max, Ian, Pao, Shaq, Chek, Bards, Tobie, at sa inyong lahat na brods: maraming maraming salamat. Karangalan maging kapatid ninyo. 

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 Honest. Principled. Accountable. Critical. We are Alyansa.  LEADERSHIP DEFINED.

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Random Twilight Joke [22 Jan 2009|09:37pm]
Narinig daw ng sister ko sa RX.

DRA. VICKI BELO: You know, you could improve your skin if you just allowed me to make some treatments on it...

EDWARD CULLEN: No. Only Bella touches my skin.

Sabaw. Xenxia na.

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AMPL1F1ED: The UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity Fair Night 2009 - (Live out loud with Parokya, Urbandub, K [18 Jan 2009|06:50am]
On February 11, get ready to LIVE OUT LOUD.

The UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity

 in cooperation with Globe Telecom, Dental First and Pag-Ibig Fund

together with UP SEALS - UP Mixed Martial Arts Association - UP StratSMART














and many many more!!!

February 11, 2009
6 PM - 4 AM
UP Sunken Garden
Tickets at P75.

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AMPL1F1ED: The UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity Fair Night 2009 [17 Jan 2009|09:51am]
The UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity

 in cooperation with Globe Telecom, Dental First and Pag-Ibig Fund

in cooperation with UP SEALS - UP Mixed Martial Arts Association - UP StratSMART



February 11, 2009
6 PM - 4 AM
Tickets at P75.

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Blindsided [06 Jan 2009|03:55am]
"By the way, before I forget...starting tomorrow, we will have a dress code in this classroom. Business attire. No sandals, no T-shirts." - Dean Leonen, 2:05 PM, Padilla Room (RM 200), Malcolm Hall.

And with that, no more sneakers, jeans and t-shirts 3 out of the 5 days we have class.  

Solution: Since I commute, it's going to be twice as difficult for me. (Hmm....Now might be the time to start hounding my dad for the car he promised me and my sister that he would get. *evil laugh*)

According to Kate, it was her fault because she was wearing slippers when Dean called her.  I don't think so. 1A nga, noong first day. Kami, first day naman ng New Year.

Owel. See 'ya in yer Arneo looking garb tomorrow, blockmates. I'm off to make digests for CivPro and start on Labor. 

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2009: The Spaced Out-Post Party Entry [31 Dec 2008|01:33pm]
New revelations for 2009:

1. Facebook - It is freakily easy. 50 friends in less than 24 hours! And it's probably the last networking site that I'll sign up for.  Myspace really never did it for me.

2. Positivity - Nothing is impossible. Impossible is nothing. With God, that is.

3. A clean room is possible! - All those who've seen my room know that it is the very prototype of indifferent slobbiness. Not anymore!

4. There is a thing as too many invites - Last Monday, there were invites to go to Cuisine, the Fort, Ascend and Fiamma. I ended up grabbing a beer with my dad and watching The Firm in our family condo.

5. Barkada Package is not perfect - You guys can get lost going to my place for our annual Christmas party/belated bday celebration allnighter. Nonetheless; love you guys even more for that.

6. 2009 will rock. Well, that's not so much a revelation as it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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BP xmas/birthday party [05 Dec 2008|08:10am]
BP! Confirm na natin. December 28. Sunday. Mejo weird na sunday, pero puwede na rin. Pakisabi na lang kay Glenn kasi wala siya sa contacts ko. Hehe. Kayo magdecide ng time. Agahan na lang natin. Puwede matulog, as usual. At mejo bago na wow magic sing ng dad ko, may goo goo dolls na. hehe. 

Melai, Dindi; eto na lang yung belated party natin. Text2 na lang tayo ng details, costing, etc.

AT EXCHANGE GIFT! Not less than 200 pesos. Potluck, pero sasagot kami ng food and drinks siguro.


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HADOUKEN! [23 Nov 2008|08:12am]
I should be studying for Credit and Labor, as well as CivPro. But I'm here, blogging while playing Super Street Fighter II in my brother's laptop. His SNES simulator rocks. He got two awesome PS2 controllers that you can connect through the USB port. I'm all about Fei Long, Ryu and cheesy moves! E Honda finishing fights in less than fifteen seconds with the Lightning Fists. Legen- wait for it - dary!

Damn. Dabest talaga ang SNES. We never got a Genesis; we got a Playstation, and we never moved up from there.

For E Honda, Ryu and Vega, Credit and Labor can wait. Bukas na ko magbabad sa CivPro.

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And With Six Days To Go Before Enrollment... [30 Oct 2008|02:46am]
My sembreak starts! I finally passed my Property oral exams. And of all things, I got Nuisances and Ruinous Buildings or Falling Trees. Yes, students of Sir Labitag; wala sa present outline, galing pa sa lumang outline. Thank God I read Paras and practically devoured the reviewer. Of course, I think I said almost next to nothing about nuisances; Sir asked me if we had taken up the concept in Torts.. We hadn't. I told him I read about nuisances in Tolentino, when I actually first encountered the concept in Paras. I knew Sir hated Paras, so I fibbed a little.

Of course, I effed up my second situationer, but he just told me to review certain concepts and he told me I passed. That was all I needed to know.

With that, I bid adieu to this semester of rude awakenings and rough exams, sleepless nights and days. Hello to whatever remaining days I may have of my so-called 'break'.


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This Is The Sem That Never Ends...The Sem Goes On and On, My Friends... [23 Oct 2008|05:18am]
Whoever said 2nd year would be much, much easier owes me and my blockmates a round of San Mig at Tomato Kick, and a black eye. My left arm and hands are aching from having spent 10-4 PM writing the SSS and GSIS Law on undergrad bluebooks, as per Ma'am Daway's final requirement for Labor. My ego is bruised from having to repeat my Property oral exam on either Monday or Tuesday next week. Sir Cassis told me last Tuesday, "What happened to your exam?!"  When the semester ends and the sole bright spot is the fact that you think you didn't screw up your Persons & Family Relations completion finals, you know it was a rocky semester.

I really should have swallowed my pride and asked Sir Labitag if I could reschedule because of my Persons completion. It's my fault, really, why I'm repeating my orals; I didn't read the Water Code, or remotely related to it, and I stammered endlessly when he asked questions. I also said there was an enumeration of real property in the outline. I was too nervous to just relax and remember that there wasn't any. I guess I was too cocky and overconfident, thinking that I could do it all, but when Sir looked at me with blank eyes, I froze. Well, I guess you really can't do it all.

Ever since undergrad, in terms of acads, my first semester would be unbelievably taxing, while the 2nd sem would go much, much smoother. In the interest of not jinxing myself, I'm going to just say a little prayer and hope for the best.

To all who are legitimately done, have a great sembreak, and let me be the first to greet you: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

On a lighter note: After completing the Labor assignment, I drudged to the Law Center in walking shorts, a t-shirt and havaianas. In the front of Ma'am Daway's office, who should be there but my anti-shorts and havaianas Sales professor Ma'am Chit. In that split second when she looked at me from the slit of her eye,  I remembered her long and protracted rants against wearing these, especially in law school. Also, I remembered that she saw me yesterday, dressed to impress for my Property orals.  Sensing her disdain, inunahan ko na siya. I said, "Ma'am, magpapasa lang po ako ng requirements kay Ma'am Daway. Kaya po nakaganito lang ako." Natawa na lang siya.

Good ol' Ma'am Chit. Sana siya yung Credit Transactions natin this sem.  

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Officially 25. (Happy Anniv Brods! Shoutouts at the End) [09 Oct 2008|06:27pm]
-Biiiiiig thanks to everyone who greeted me on the 7th (and the 8th, and the 9th). You people rock.

-*side note: Cantina's Zombie = traitor. Traydor. I have a headache now. Gaddahmet. Against my better judgment, I went on a slight alcohol spree last night, in lieu of studying for Property or Labor. I guess I just needed to unwind after the disastrous Torts finals exam. Had a blast, nonetheless. And SR Thai Food is now in front of Wok Dis Way, malapit sa Drew's! And ang sarap ng food. Nakakatanggal ng tama.

I like Cantina's playlist, but if you've been there for more than three hours, makaka-3 "Closer", "Miss Independent" at "Forever" ka. Guys; daming MP3 sa mundo.  Konting sipag at tiyaga naman sa pagdownload.

-Six exams to go. Three next week, one oral exam and two written finals the week after. (Persons finals for my incomplete.)

-Second sem schedule: no classes on Fridays! Finally, the concurrence of professors' skeds and my wish to the universe that my blockmates and I experience 1 semester with one free day. For the past three years, we've had classes six days out of seven.

-And get this: I'm going to be a speaker at a conference tomorrow in UP Manila for a Speech Comm 137 project of some Orcom juniors. Wala akong moral ascendancy to speak about OrCom in the legal profession, okay? So it's going to be about using the skills my course taught me, in order to survive law school, at least the first year.  I'm going back to Manila!

-Happy Anniversary, brods! Here's to 46 years of meaningful brotherhood and principled humanitarian service Visit: www.upalphasigma.org and be amazed!

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In Need Of Replies... [24 Sep 2008|10:23pm]
I'm seriously contemplating moving to the evening class next year. Life is too short to live life on a hand-to-mouth basis. I have to learn to start taking responsibility for myself and my actions. The days of wanton carelessness are over. Granted, I'll be delayed a year and I won't graduate with most of my batchmates and blockmates that I've really bonded with, but at least I can afford to pay my own tuition since, hypothetically, I'll be working. 

What do you guys think? Granted, it's only two and a half more years until I (hopefully) graduate, but it just feels like I'm taking things too easy right now, in terms of my responsibilities to my family and my own possible career. Take note: I'm turning 25 in two weeks. I think I'm older than most juniors in UP Law. And possibly some seniors.

That's why I hope Alyansa really triumphs with this STFAP protest. If their efforts can bring my bracket down from B to A, or cut my tuition in half or 2/3, so much the better.

Meanwhile, I'll still be thinking. It'll probably take me a semester to decide, but I will decide and stick to it.

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